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Cloupor:Committed to the research and development of technology to promote product innovation!


Strengthen R&D power·Be Innovative·Premium Quality

    Take R&D and innovation as priority, Cloupor provides consumers with professional and scientific vaporization solutions and continuously creates value. A sophisticated R&D team has been built up, consisting of 150 elites involved in product research and development, advanced technology development, inspection and testing, intellectual property, and so on. R&D investment accounted for 8% of total revenue each year, with over 500 worldwide patents granted, resulting in great progress has been made in new atomizer coil technology.

   Insisting on the philosophy of “Marketing+Technology”, Cloupor uses technology innovation to diversify products, and comprehensively realize the market demand diversification. Meanwhile, Cloupor has collaborated with several renowned universities and scientific research institutions, conducting Industry-university-research cooperation, promoting performance transformation and industrial development.


Cloupor Technology&Innovation Institute

     Cloupor Innovation Institute with a professional R&D team,which delves into the development and application of new atomization technology, atomization, and atomizing core research. Dedicated to the creation of underlying materials, long-term investment to activate the sustainable industrial ecosystem.

Worldwide Intellectual Property


200+ Trademark Registration  500+ Patents

Industry-university-research cooperation

     Cloupor has collaborated with various well-known universities and scientific research  institutes, and established a cutting-edge system integrated with production, learning, and research, allied to promoting the upgrading of electronic atomization equipment and industrial reformation.


Product Diversification

    Provide One-stop ODM/OEM customization and localized sales services for all types of full-series products.