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Sub-brand of Cloupor- Antbar Unveiled Stuuning Disposable Vapes in Germany

     Recently, the 43rd InterTabac-the world’s premier trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories, was held at Messe Dortmund. It gathered more than 600 companies from 69 countries around the world, and attracted over 12,000 enthusiasts.Let’s review how Cloupor stands out in the fair!


Cloupor offers a full range of disposable vape services

The site was crowded with attendees, and the atmosphere was bustling. Cloupor companied with two sub-brands, Smoant and Antbar. A great number of visitors were captivated by our stunning devices, discussing and sharing their experiences. Most of our loyal friends came to the booth, expressing their faith and fancy about our brand. Meanwhile, Antbar disclosed the brand new series of products, which excels in large puffs, superior taste, and flavor consistency, enchanting numerous competitors and partners and winning their applauds and respect.

Cloupor provides one-stop solution on electronic atomizer and new tobacco products ranging from research and development, product innovation, intelligent manufacturing, to brand operation. The company keep applying innovative technology to enrich the product matrix and meet the diversified requirements of the market.


Antbar Disposable Vapes


ROCKET Highlights

1. Palm-size: Only 30g, it is an ideal device for commuting and outdoor carrying.

2. TPD-subjected: 2ml liquid delivers 600 puffs for an initial try, and more flavors are available.

3. Upgraded Mesh Coil: Speed up the vaporization of the liquid and burst out smoother vapor.

4. Constant Voltage Output: 3.4V constant voltage output maintains consistent flavor until the last puff.

一次性电子烟生产商ANTBAR-sa8000 disposable vape

SA8000 Highlights

      1. Auto-draw Activation: Simple operation with responsive sensor.

      2. LED Screen: Clearly display the liquid and battery capacity in real-time.

      3. 12 ml Liquid: Enlarged e-liquid volume supports up to 8000 puffs.

      4. Rechargeable: Built-in 600mAh battery, type-C cable provided.


    The exhibition in Germany has been concluded successfully. Cloupor will participate in the World Tobacco ASIA 2023 on Sept.21-22. We are looking forward to your arrival!