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 Smoant stunning showcases in Indonesia Vape Fair

      Looking at the world map, Smoant has left its footprint in several countries including Birmingham (UK), Verona (Italy), Seoul (South Korea), Dortmund (Germany) and Surabaya (Indonesia).

     Recently, Smoant made its debut in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. The largest annual vape festival-Vape Fair was held in Southeast Asia, which serves as a milestone in the electronic cigarette industry, gathering over 25,000 participants from around the world. Let’s dive into the exhibition scene, and feel the rapid development and innovation of electronic atomization technology!


SMOANT's 10th Anniversary Celebration Event

   2023, the year of the founding of the Cloupor came through its first 10-year milestone after experiencing countless challenges and successes. For the sake of the love and support received for such a long time, the core brand of Cloupor, Smoant held a surprise event in the exhibition. A swarm of attendees flooded into our booth and actively participated in our party, and the atmosphere on the spot became hot.

     Besides, Smoant revealed the new product-Knight Q at the first time, and the unveiling has garnered widespread interest from industry professionals and media worldwide.


Highlights of Knight Q


      The inspiration for the design comes from the Lucky four-leaf Clover that indicates Hope, Fortune, Love, and Health.

      1. 3ml Liquid Capacity:Expansive liquid chamber for easy installation and dissembling.

     2. PSeries Coils Compatible: Compatiblewith all P series coils (0.6/0.8/1.0Ω).

     3. Outstanding Mesh Coil: Acceleratesand fully vaporizes the liquid and provide smooth and delicate vapor.

     4. Durable 1000mAh Battery: Long-lasting power provided without extra weight burden.

     5. Constant Voltage Output: Internal ANT-chip guaranteesthe flavor consistency.

     6. Ergonomic Design: Metallic construct perfectly tailors the palm.


      The Indonesia Vape Fair has successfully come to an end. Cloupor keeps moving on to exploit its market share, connecting the global electronic atomization market, and cooperating with various partners to expand overseas markets.